My Daughter A Video Vixen!!!!

So your watching a rap video that features some suductive dancing by #videovixen wearing next to nothing when in walks your young daughter and she says " I want to be like her she's pretty and I love the way she dances". WTF! WTF!  Stars in her eyes she asked daddy can I I be one of those one day? Now of course there are much worse things that your daughter might want to be, but honestly being a video dancer is simply showing your body off for money a half a step from being a stripper.  Thou some like Karrine Steffans, Amber Rose, Lauren London, Tae Heckard and the Glenn twins. Yes they have made it past some of the negative connotations that come with the territory, but at what price? Of course we all know what the speculations are about the cause of there success, speculations that might be 50 % true 50% not. 

Delicate they are, don't crush her dreams, instead teacher her that some jobs are just a stepping stone to some thing greater and it could be a shorter route that might come with some moral decisions that she might not even want to be in a position to decide on. Moreover, showing her the longer route to success might be longer but it will be one to be proud of and one you can live with as a parent. Let us always keep in mind that #hip-hop is a great form of entertainment that allows its audience a view of different worlds that we are not accustomed to regardless of locations or situations. "I'm not a role model a bad influence got the world drinking gold bottles" - famous rapper. Your the parent be the influence! #Hip-Hop #kids #Responsible 

The King