Rozay arrested ...

Everybody please be aware of the tint on your car, this is giving these cops another reason to pull us over and there be a conflict .. In resent weeks we have seen run ins with the law have turned deadly for black men. Luck for Ross it was just a drug charge for marijuana that he will take care of. But don't give them a reason just stay in the dAmn car...

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Who's Next!

It seems as there is no clear choice to who's the hottest rapper in hip-hop right now. In the spirit of competition does anyone want to even be considered the best? K-DOT sent out a few shots and cats where truly having mental spasms . Sent that K-Dot has not did much giving room for Q to do his thing and he did it well. I think the game is eager for a solidified champ! Or can everybody continue to claim to be the hottest?

M''town juicy j

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